What Clients Are Saying

We have worked with some of the best people. And everyone we help holds a special place in our hearts. Check out what previous clients and connections have to say about Peola's Concierge Services!

Marilyn Mason

Hello my name is Marilyn Mason and I would like to take this opportunity to talk about Mrs. Neva Watkins and how she cared for her mother Ms. Peola Williams. I have known Neva for nine years and during this time Neva was caring for her mother Ms. Peola. I have seen first hand how Neva cared for her mother and the way she did everything for her. Neva has that tender touch that comes from the heart. Neva is now ready to extend her loving hands and experience to other families with Peola's Concierge Service. I can honestly say Neva has found her calling in life. If you are looking for someone with caring hands, experience and with high integrity then look no further Neva Watkins is the right person for you.

- Marilyn Mason
Yolande Wilson

I would like to say to anyone who is considering using Peola's Concierge Services that they will experience the same patient and considerate care that I have personally witnessed from Neva Watkins. The care she took of her mother Peola was something I will never forget. Nothing was too much or too hard. Neva would just accept the challenge and never complain. She is meticulous in caring for every detail involved with the needs of anyone who depends on her. When Neva told me of her desire to launch her concierge service, I thought it was a perfect match!

- Yolande Wilson
Stephanie Burl

I watched over the years how Neva meticulously cared for her mother with Alzheimer’s, making sure she was always comfortable as she battled with this disease.  I not only witnessed her loving care for her mom but also she cared for me. Last year I was diagnosis with breast cancer and I needed care after my doubled mastectomy surgery and Neva volunteered her services. She developed a care plan and set up times for herself and two other caregivers to come and care for my daily needs. She organized my meal plan making sure I had my coffee every morning. She made sure I was clean everyday with fresh clothing and that my bedroom was organized with the essentials items I needed. I never had to ask for anything. Everything I needed Neva made sure I had it. It was a blessing to have such excellent care during the roughest time of my life. I will highly recommend Peola’s Concierge Services to anyone who desire superior care for themselves or their family.

- Stephanie Burl